10 tips to choose the best cruise


More than 28 million people around the world decided to cruise in 2018. Although approximately half of them were over 50, the age spectrum has been widening more and more and now Cruising is a plan that is attractive to people of all ages and tastes.

In Spain, the cruise phenomenon has not stopped growing in recent years. With a growth of 43% in the last 4 years, it is, increasingly, an increasingly accepted holiday option among couples, families and, to a lesser extent, groups of friends.

Y, Why this “boom” of cruise ships? Well, the reasons are many and varied. The price democratization It is one of them. Before, going on a cruise was something that seemed reserved only for the upper-middle class. Now there are genuine offers that make cruising trips available to almost everyone.

Another cause is ship improvement. The new boats are increasingly stable (something essential for those who usually get dizzy at sea), modern, large and equipped with a greater number of different entertainments.

Skjolden from the Monarch, Pullmantur Cruises, Northern Fjords in Norway

The routes have also increased and diversified, being able to choose between endless trips around the world.

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In short, traveling by cruise has become almost everyday and the boom in this tourist market seems endless.

But nevertheless, The current offer is so great that when you start trying to choose the best cruise for you, you have many doubts. As in any other type of vacation, choosing the cruise well is essential, since it depends on the greater or lesser enjoyment of your time of rest of the year.

It is not easy to do it, but here are some tips to choose the best cruise according to your tastes:

1. Choose where you want to go

This is the first essential point among the tips for choosing cruise. Do not forget that traveling by cruise is, in short, that ... Travel. And one of the first things you define on a trip is where you want to go.

Thanks to the proliferation of cruise companies and the increase in their destinations, today you can choose from a very wide variety of places to navigate. The Mediterranean, the Norwegian fjords, the Baltic Sea or the Caribbean are some of the most common cruise destinations, but there are also those who tie the blanket to the head and go to the waters of the Indian Ocean, Alaska or to give Around the world with companies such as Costa Cruises, MSC, Princess or Royal Caribbean.

Defining the destination of your trip is essential to choose the best cruise for you.

2. Define your budget

Surely almost everyone would like to spend about 200 days going around the world aboard a luxurious floating hotel. That is what companies like Oceania offer. However, traveling on such a cruise is really expensive, not being available to anyone.

When choosing a cruise, as in any other type of trip by land or air, you should know how much you can spend. This will affect many cruise variables, such as the destination of the cruise, the duration, the type of cabin, the food and beverage regime, the quality of the ship, etc.

Caribbean cruise begins: MSC Opera leaves Havana