The best tips to visit the Tower of Pisa


History of the Tower of Pisa

The construction of the Tower of Pisa began in the year 1173, extending about 177 years. The idea was that it was the bell tower of the cathedral of Pisa and is, next to the cathedral, one of the jewels of the European Romanesque.

However, what the architects did not take into account is that the ground on which the tower was built was quite unstable. That caused him to begin to bow shortly after being built. Thus, its initial height of about 60 meters, has been reduced to 56.67 meters at its highest side, and 55.86 meters at the lowest. In 2001 it was possible to shore up so that its progressive inclination slowed down, again allowing people to climb the tower.

The exterior aspect of the Tower of Pisa is imposing, with its eight levels adorned with beautiful arcades and crowned by the bell tower.


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Tips for visiting the Tower of Pisa

Being one of the most visited monuments in Europe, it is always good to plan a little visit to the Tower of Pisa.

Try to avoid vacation periods

Pisa becomes a hotbed of tourists during the summer months, Easter and Christmas (in that order), so it is best that, if you can choose, visit the Tower of Pisa outside those temporary windows.

Schedule the visit in advance

If you want to avoid queuing hours to get your ticket to climb the Tower of Pisa, you better book it in advance. You can do it on the official website, OpaPisa, until one day before the visit. In doing so, you will have to choose a specific time (there is a group every half hour).

Admission costs € 18 per person and also gives you access to the cathedral (no fixed time).

Best times to visit the Tower of Pisa

If you are a brave and decide not to reserve the ticket to climb the Tower of Pisa in advance, it is best to visit it early in the morning. It arrives one hour before its opening to the public (opens at 10 am) or one hour before sunset.

During the summer days, I recommend it even more strongly, as there are people who end up without entry after hours of queue.

  • Hours of visit to the Tower of Pisa:from 10 to 18 hours, from Tuesday to Sunday. Mondays is closed.

Watch your wallet

As in all very tourist places of any part of the world, pickpockets try to make their August at the Tower of Pisa. Always watch your belongings and valuables.

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