Fiestas del Pilar 2015


Party poster 2015

The month of October arrives and autumn begins to manifest itself in all its splendor. Gone are the dozens of popular festivals that usually devastate the summers of the Iberian Peninsula, but do not worry about lovers of the party and lack of control: there are still other very good ones to arrive.

And every October we have an appointment with one of the most popular national holidays: Zaragoza Pillar.

The fact that October 12 is a holiday throughout the country (Hispanic Day) makes many people decide to go through Zaragoza during these days when art, crafts, food, sports, sports Concerts, parades, drinks and debauchery come together, in equal parts, in the Aragonese capital.

In this 2015 the kick off will officially take place on October 10, closing the curtain on the 18th. Eight days in which, with about twenty daily red bulls on top, one can enjoy countless activities, shows and parties.

Although the day 9 engines begin to heat up with several exhibitions, theaters and a nightly concert in the Plaza del Pilar offered by David Bustamante (For those who are not very "Busta" can always go to the Theater of Las Esquinas to see the play "Taxi" by Josema Yuste, the former Tuesday and 13), The official proclamation does not take place until the night of the 10th.

Here you have a summary of the most notable acts of the Pilar 2015.

Saturday October 10

21.00 Reading the proclamation from the balcony of the town hall by Carmen Paris. Fireworks.

At 21.30 you can see Macaco in concert at the Plaza del Pilar, but personally I stayed with Izal and Second, who will perform at the same time in space Z of Valdespartera.

For the nostalgic, Hombres G will give everything after 22 hours in the José Luis Abós pavilion.

Sunday October 11

08.00 The hands wake up with some heifers in the bullring.

10.00 In the Plaza de San Bruno the peculiar animated antique market is inaugurated. Books, painting, crafts and antiques while live music and other artists encourage staff.

14.30 El Pilar in Torrero: rice for everyone with a large paella on the esplanade of the Torrero Civic Center.

18.30 Oktober Fest 2015. Get in touch with beer in the amusement park of Zaragoza.

21.00 Fireworks. San Francisco Square (University).

21.00 Within Interpeñas'15 comes one of the most anticipated performances of the parties: David Guetta will make the staff go crazy.

The Pilar Basilica in Zargoza

Monday, October 12

09.30 The beautiful show of the fluvial flower offering begins.

10.00 Citizens can enjoy free admission to municipal museums and temporary exhibitions.

16.30 Cantajuegos, for the smallest.

18.00 V National Jota Festival. You could not miss the jacks at these parties.

20.00 Light, water and sound show at the José Antonio Labordeta park fountains. Everything that has to do with this genius that left us a few years ago, sure worth it.

21.30 Maldita Nerea and La Unión in Plaza del Pilar, presented by Melodía FM.

Tuesday October 13

11.00 Fall colors in the Delicias Children's Park, with giants and big heads.

21.00 Interpeñas'15. La Sticker and Los Caligaris, in Space Z Valdespartera.

22.30 Rock and Roll Star Festival in the North Parking of the EXPO site.

Wednesday October 14

11.30 XXV Sample of Aragonese handicraft Pilar 2015. Participatory and demonstrative workshops of handmade sewing, raku pottery, glass, traditional toys, wood, jewelry, botanical art. Open every holiday, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Square of the Sites. Professional Association of Artisans of Aragon.

14.30. Popular Paella Rice for all with the collaboration of Arroz Brazal. Glorieta Berenguer de Entenza, c / Demetrio Galán Bergua.

17.30 XXI Triangular national youth soccer, Pilar 2015, at the CMF San José (Miraflores street 15).

22.30 Kiko Veneno and The Enemies. North Parking, Expo.

Thursday October 15

5pm El Pilar magazine with Marianico "El Corto", Teatro Cónico and Lola Moreno. Functions: 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Almozara Civic Center (Avda. Puerta Sancho, 30).

21.00 Interpeñas'15, Los suave and Tako. Z space Valdespartera.

Friday, October 16

21.30 Interpeñas'15 with M-Clan, Rosendo and Aversoverso. Z space Valdespartera.

22.00 Vetusta Morla. Multipurpose hall of the auditorium.

22.30 Nicky Jam, El Arrebato at the Expo.

Saturday, October 17

11.00 a.m. VI International Fair Theater Festival. Marionette Park. Hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Kiosk zone of the José Antonio Labordeta park music.

6:30 p.m. Children's workshops of pintacaras, globoflexia, music, storytelling, paint and color the giants and bigheads, drawing contest, etc. Until 8:30 p.m. Restoration Hall of C. C. Imperial Plaza.

20.00 Fito and the Fitipaldis. North Parking of the Expo.

21.30 Interpeñas'15. Antonio Orozco in Space Z Valdespartera.

Sunday October 18

With the sadness of having to say "goodbye" (or better, "until next year) to the parties, you have to congregate at 22.15 in the Plaza del Pilar for" There goes the farewell. "

22.30 Fireworks and final traca.

For more information we leave the official program of the Pilar festivities 2015.

Come to Zaragoza and enjoy!