Preparing the travel backpack


I am preparing the backpack to go to Peru and travel around the country for three weeks. A trek through steps of up to 5,000 meters makes the operation difficult to avoid unnecessary weight.

First row
- Waterproof backpack case
- Trekking sandals
- Waterproof raincoat jacket
- Backpack

- Two pants (light jeans, pirate pants with multiple pockets)
- 4 gayumbos
- 1 long mesh, 1 short mesh
- Sheet sack

- 2 short sleeve and two long sleeve shirts
- Trekking shoes
- Long sleeve polypropylene t-shirt
- 4 short and 2 winter socks
- 2 breathable shirts
- Fleece
- Hoodie

- Tobacco
- First aid kit (iboprufen, antistamines, alcohol sachets, iodine, scissors, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, comped strips, deodorant, razor blade, vitamin C aspirin, lip cream, vitamin pills, kleenex , after shave moisturizer)
- Neck scarf
- Hat
- Sunglasses, chain to tie the backpack and padlock with code, pocket knife, compass, front, batteries, watch
- Quick dry towel
- Mountain pants

- Peru guide, pen and notebook
- Passport, coin purse, a few dollars
- Cap
- Gloves
- Charger for the photo camera.

Once the process of choosing the clothes and the material is finished I place it in compartments from plastic bags (ideal to avoid rain) and I place it inside the backpack depending on weight and priorities.

The end result is a 55 + 10 liter backpack that weighs approximately 12 kilos (despite the kilo and a half that the feather bag weighs). It is light on the back and allows me to walk for hours in the mountains and in the city.

Everyone has their techniques and priorities, do you miss something or would you put aside another?