10 types of specimens you can find in a hostel


A hostel I stayed in Vilanculos, Mozambique

In my multiple backpacking trips around the world there have been very few times that I have stayed in a hotel. I have also slept in a tent, cars, stables or outdoors in beaches or parks. But, without a doubt, where I spent the most nights when I was away from home, it was in the hostels.

In those temples of backpacking a people of the most diverse come together. Geeks, adventurers, lonely wolves, endless waiters, aimless people, normal families ... etc ... etc. But remember that everything that glitters is not gold and you can feel very comfortable or be looking forward to that bus that will finally take you out of that place.

Based on an article that I read recently and contributing my own experiences, here you have a compendium of some of the characters you can find in the bed below your hostel:

1. The uncle of "Lonely Planet is my pastor, with Lonely Planet nothing is missing".

Main features: wherever you are in the hostel (and outside it) you will carry a Lonely planet of the place in his hands.

You can establish conversation with him only if you mention things in the guide. But be careful! It has to be a Lonely Planet. Any other guide in the world will automatically be classified as “junk”, “useless”, “incomplete” or “outdated”. Because you don't think your guide is old. Although the state of handling in which it is found seems to have been edited for the first time in the nineteenth century, they always carry the latest edition.

2. Americans who live everything as if it were the first day of school.

Characteristics: They are usually female and will want to tell you everything they have done from the moment their alarm has sounded until the moment, unfortunately, they have crossed into your life.

I have met several girls of this type. They exhaust you psychologically. A fork thrown in the middle of a sidewalk is "Awesome !!!" or "Cool!". They average 45 "Oh-my-God" s per minute and, friend, they won't shut up until they are convinced that you live things with the same intensity. So get your best actor and put that emotionless as soon as possible.

3. The expert and patronizing traveler.

Features: worn backpack, travels light and has a mystical aura hooked with harness to its being.

Attentive: it does not matter if you have crossed the Amazon rainforest naked, with ankle weights and an apple as food for the entire journey. Nor if you have managed to get down to 30 meters in the barrier reef of Australia, having two tires attached to your body. Also, while diving, you killed two white sharks with your own hands.

All that cannot be compared to feats of this kid that he will always look at you with condescension, waiting for you to finish your story to release a: "Well, when I was in ...". It will make you feel like a snooze tourist. And it will be cool. If you let him continue he will name you each and every one of the places he was in and the super adventures he ran in them. All better than yours. Humility is of nenazas.

Features: obviously, you will have a guitar. A lot of inner life.

This kid must be given a chance. Always.

Think that you had to find a place for your guitar in the airplane compartment. He has traveled in a Bolivian bus with her between his legs and has kicked the kick to the hostel carrying it next to his backpack.

His repertoire will range from lively music at the time of drinking in the hostel to the greatest ballads and romantic requests when the remaining audience begins to be only feminine. If you ask him about his trip, be sure that there will be a frustrated love in between.